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The foundation of this foundation is also the author of the book called Gold Minds as seen on Amazon and other leading Booksellers. In this book he has tried to uncover the secret behind Great Britain’s ability to turn their land filled with coal to a land full of gold. Most of the discussion is centred on key factors and systems of education as well as the kind of people that might have contributed to this success. In doing so questions are asked as to why the success and wealth of Great Britain is not having the desired impact throughout the empire. For this reason, he has tried to explore with the reader what can be done for the rest of the world to benefits from British or Western education. Those were the days, where there was little or no internet. However, with the advent of internet, and mobile technology, we believe more can be done to bridge the gap between the west and rest of the world.

We aim at exploring opportunities around the globe that are accessible via internet, phone or cloud technology. Again, we lean on education as key to breaking these barriers and becoming part of the success.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is based on Discovering, Learning, and Earning


We have leading experts on the field who learn to discover programs that can benefit our participants.


You study the programs and opportunities available, and make a choice.


We provide support and help as many individuals as possible to join programs of their choices, and hopefully enjoy some success.


Occasionally we sponsor individuals to join some programs and gain experience where they feel passionate but have no means to join.